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Laminate – Advantages, Disadvantages & Quality Differences


Laminate – Advantages, Disadvantages & Quality Differences

Laminate is the floor covering that convinces all along the line in terms of functionality, design diversity and robustness. As an alternative to costly to process and often expensive parquet floor laminate flooring with a balanced price-performance ratio in the ranking of popular flooring is far ahead. We consider in detail the properties and advantages of laminate. We also explain how differences in price and execution are to be questioned. Laminate is suitable for use in the private as well as in the commercial sector. You can choose between products of different usage classes.

As an alternative to rather expensive real wood parquet, a laminate floor with its features and a well thought-out construction weighs the aspect of not being a pure natural product. Nonetheless, the construction of a laminate plank or tile is to a large extent made of wood. A highly compressed wood fiber board – also called HDF board – forms the supporting core of a good laminate, whether plank or laminate tile look. In addition, products with MDF as carrier material are offered.

One factor that determines the durability of the laminate floor is the thickness of the floorboards or tiles, depending on the particular substrate being processed. Laminates are available in various thicknesses from 6 mm to 12 mm.

A variant with a low construction is particularly renovation-friendly and can be used well for the stress in the private living area. Laminate grades with thicknesses of around 12 mm are even more durable and therefore more durable. By using appropriate coatings, the swelling behavior and material density of the products can be significantly optimized. We are happy to assist you in choosing the right laminate thickness and quality for your use.

As already mentioned, the carrier material forms the essential part of a laminate plank. In this point, the chaff separates from the wheat, if you want to set the quality and the price category of a flooring in proportion. We advise you always to grab a laminate floor with HDF support plate.

Because “HDF” stands for a highly compressed wood-based panel, which is more stable and resistant than, for example, a carrier panel made of MDF. The abbreviation “MDF” stands for medium-density fiberboard. Although a particularly low price should lure, opt for a laminate article, which is equipped with high-density fiberboard (HDF). They are much better than carrier material for products with heavy load and low material thickness. Laminate is one such product.

Depending on the manufacturer, the laminate products are equipped with a special carrier plate whose swelling behavior has been optimized by using appropriate additives. We will gladly advise you and clarify these details for you.

Each feature and design variant contributes to a successful overall picture. For example, laminate surfaces with circumferential 4-V joints result in a floor appearance in typical floorboard appearance.


Parquet floor vs. Laminate


Every client in South Africa faces innumerable challenges. A low level of interest rates ensures that your own property becomes more attractive. However, before you can pack boxes together, there are several hurdles to overcome. Especially in the planning phase budding property owners quickly lose themselves in details and forget the gaze for the essentials.

One detail that must always be clarified concerns the flooring. In addition to carpets, the question is in the room, whether one should rather opt for the natural parquet or rather prefers the laminate floor? Where are the differences between the two? In general, here at CARPETING SOMERSET WEST laminate is regarded as a favorable variant of the parquet. Is this statement sustainable in practice?

Wood is a classic building material – also in Austria. For centuries it has not only made floor boards but also whole houses. In the post-war years the building material became rarer. As a parquet, wood is still in use today for the flooring. Especially when it comes to a high-quality floor, which radiates a certain ambience, convinced the parquet floor.

The special advantages for the parquet floor are therefore primarily in the areas of ambience and feel-good atmosphere. Parquet flooring shows that even today many different patterns and colors can be used without compromising the quality.

But, anyone who thinks about the parquet floor must also be aware that the whole thing can become a challenge. Why? One of the big drawbacks compared to other floors is the price. Where it really should be a parquet floor, you have to be ready to finance the higher costs.

At the same time, there are still quite different disadvantages to be expected. Parquet is and remains a natural product. It can be sensitive to mechanical stresses. The same applies to moisture, which significantly influences the quality of the floor. The result: parquet wants to be intensively maintained. This applies to the cleaning – but also the handling of the floor in general. Scratches will hardly be avoidable even with good care, which is why you sooner or later have to sand down the parquet.

Generally speaking, laminate is considered to be very durable and robust because it is a composite product. Now often offered as a click laminate, laying also remains relatively straightforward. Another plus comes from the fact that laminate can be combined with underfloor heating today.

The fact is: laminate convinces. What disadvantages must one be prepared for? Although a laminate floor is robust, loads are not left untouched by it. Unlike parquet, which can be abraded and resealed, the laminate must be replaced at the end. Another negative point is the not always optimal footfall sound properties. In the meantime, manufacturers have responded by combining products with glued-on impact sound insulation. But: This variant is slightly more expensive in the acquisition costs.

Laminate or parquet – every Austrian who wants to completely renovate his apartment or move into his own house, is faced with this question. The answer is difficult if not impossible. Ultimately, several factors play a role. It depends not only on the look and feel-good aspect. Rather, it must be clarified which loads the floor is exposed to or whether the laying of a floor heating system is planned. The latter certainly favors the laminate as a floor. The same applies to rooms in which the floor is subject to heavy use – such as in the nursery.

Engineered Wooden Flooring


At Carpet World Flooring you will find a wide variety of wooden flooring such as laminated flooring, vinyl flooring as well as engineered wooden flooring.

By visiting our showroom, one of our professional sales representatives will be able to show you samples of all the different ranges available as well as advise you on which type of flooring would best suite your individual needs.


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