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Professional Carpeting Design and Vinyl Flooring | Cape Town

Professional Carpeting Design and Vinyl Flooring | Cape Town

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Professional Carpeting Design and Vinyl Flooring services in Cape Town. Surely you’ve heard of vinyl flooring, a flooring that’s in fashion nationwide. And maybe you have also asked yourself what a vinyl floor exactly is – maybe even what design floors are and what design vinyl floors are.

Are these different tiles and the latter even a hybrid of both? And what relationship do they have with the classic PVC floor? In fact, the manufacturers do not use consistently consistent terminology, so in the following we would like to give a little explanation about the systematics and, of course, explain in principle what the advantages of these popular floor coverings are.

Perhaps we start our remarks with a possible disappointment: a vinyl floor is strictly a PVC floor. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, the “V” for vinyl. So the term vinyl is just a marketing gimmick to re-sell an old hat? Not quite! To be fair, it has to be said that today’s vinyl floors are a significant advancement of the dusty, unsightly PVC flooring, which was the main feature of the role. Modern vinyl flooring offers a range of attractive benefits and is now subject to stringent housing health standards.

The term “design floor” can simply be a different name for a vinyl or PVC floor – the same applies to design vinyl or vinyl design floors. Even laminate vinyl floors are there: a misleading name, since these are pure vinyl floors, but should benefit from the “learned” term laminate. The creativity of the marketing departments has no limits!

Easy-care and durable materials that faithfully reproduce natural materials such as wood are in vogue – both on floors and on garden products such as garden furniture. WPC planks or fences. Vinyl floors and design floors have some advantages over the laminate, which also has a plastic surface. A thicker wear layer allows even more authentic (wood) looks and structures to be imprinted – even a connoisseur can barely distinguish them from elegant parquet! At the same time vinyl floors are warmer and softer, and the room sound is better swallowed than the comparatively hard laminate. For the highest demands on robustness, vinyl floors are superior to a laminate floor.

Vinyl is available as adhesive sheets for firm bonding to the substrate (especially low installation height, practically for renovation).  Solid vinyl (solid vinyl plates in approx. 4-5 mm thickness with tongue and groove for easy clicking and suitable for wet rooms).

Engineered Wooden Flooring


At Carpet World Flooring you will find a wide variety of wooden flooring such as laminated flooring, vinyl flooring as well as engineered wooden flooring.

By visiting our showroom, one of our professional sales representatives will be able to show you samples of all the different ranges available as well as advise you on which type of flooring would best suite your individual needs.


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