This elegant rich product is offered in an array of warm neutral colour tones, making it perfectly suited to any interior décor style or design. Destiny’s sumptuous carpets are super-soft with an ultra-plush pile, giving you the feeling of lavish comfort and warmth beneath your feet. It’s a wonderful invitation to kick off your shoes and sink your toes into sheer luxuriousness. Destiny is manufactured with strong and durable SDX Soft yarn, is stainproof and will retain its beautiful and opulent look as you and your family enjoy life on its lush surface. At Belgotex Floors, we can’t predict what will happen in your future, but we do know that if you choose any carpet from our Destiny range it will transform your environment for the better. And maybe even your life. So if you’re looking for the most beautiful, rich and luxurious floorcovering for your home, look no further than this incredible range. It’s your Destiny.


Decadent   Deluxe   Elegant
destiny_decadent destiny_deluxe  destiny_elegant
Fancy Lush  Ornate
destiny_fancy destiny_lush destiny_ornate