Touch Design

Commercial Broadloom range


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder of this fine luxury carpet. The modern conceptual design produced by fine patterned colour placement provides a canvas for elegant expression and open interpretation. The arty equivalent in the tactile “Touch Design” collection, this tufted broadloom carpet caters to the sophisticated sensibilities of the upper-crust, coupled with the practical characteristics of the bourgeois through its Stainproof SDX constitution.

Crazy Graffiti
Faded Canvas
  Old Brush
 Crazy-Graffiti-vinyl-flooring faded-canvas-vinyl-flooring Old-Brush-flooring


   Pencil Tip
  Worn Easel
Pencil-Tip-flooring Worn-Easel-flooring-in-cape-town


This contemporary carpet with its smudgy “marble” effect will make a statement in sophisticated interiors. As part of the inimitable “Touch Design” collection, this tufted broadloom carpet is both interesting to the eye (in its disarray) as well as cleverly designed to hide soiling without losing any appeal. The patterned colour placement of superior Stainproof SDX produces a modern, delicate design that combines elegant style with performance, ideal for luxury boutiques, presidential suites and elite members-only establishments.

Diluted Blue
  Gate Crasher
 Diluted-Blue-flooring Earthstone-flooring Gate-Crasher-flooring


   Gorge   Sweet Red
Gorge-flooring-belgotex Sweet-Red-belgotex-flooring


Let instinct be your guide and choose the graphic “vector” styling for a formal, yet fashionable foundation in offices or reception areas. Detailed patterned colour placement produces the linear “co-ordinate” designs, drawing your eye down the longitudes and across the latitudes of vectors to where fashion and function intersect. Made from Stainproof SDX for superior wear and colour clarity, this tufted broadloom carpet is the conservative alternative in the luxurious “Touch Design” collection.


 Cold Feeling
Dark Dream
  Fresh Aroma
 Cold-Feeling-belgotex-flooring Dark-Dream-belgotex-flooring Fresh-Aroma-belgotex-flooring


  Smooth Skin
 Soft Sounds
Smooth-Skin-belgotex-flooring Soft-Sounds-belgotex-flooring