Because we know there is so much value in things that are timeless, and because we believe in enduring quality products, Belgotex Floors has created the Timeless range of carpets, a ultilevel loop product that is environmentally friendly, comfortable, healthy and easy to maintain. Timeless is durable and will retain its good looks in busy areas of your home, like children’s bedrooms and playrooms. In addition to these incredible attributes, this amazing carpet range is offered in a variety of exciting colour blends that will be music to your ears.

There’s a saying that goes, ‘One old song. A thousand old memories.’ And when you choose Belgotex Floors’ Timeless carpet range for your home, you’re also choosing some beautiful new emories that one day will become your amazing, nostalgic past.

SilverCare™ is a long-lasting protection system, with a base of non-toxic, hypoallergenic silver ions.

 Dancing Queen   Hey Jude    Night Fever
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