Country Living:

With the Country Living range of carpets, Belgotex Floors brings the beauty and peace of the countryside right into your home. Country Living is a low-level loop pile carpet with a Berber look. The neutral, natural colour tones of the range are inspired by the textures of country life – woven baskets filled with fresh herbs, the softness of a mohair blanket next to a log fire, a patchwork quilt spread across the wicker chair that you sit on to gaze out across the fertile open pastures. And with either a 5 or 10- year warrantee you always have peace of mind when choosing a Belgotex Floors carpet.

So when it comes to transforming your home into a comfortable, warm, country-inspired haven, there is no better choice than the Country Living range. It’s all about the joy of living.

SilverCare™ is a long-lasting protection system, with a base of non-toxic, hypoallergenic silver ions.

 Cotton   Lace    Mohair
country_living_cotton country_living_lace country_living_mohair
Patchwork  Silk  Wicker
country_living_patchwork country_living_silk country_living_wicker