Laminated flooring

Some of our leading ranges:

Variostep Classic Laminate:Laminated-Flooring-1

V-grooves for a spacious appearance.

The Variostep Classic collection not only satisfies your demand for unmatched quality and easy installation.

Its V-grooves also create the cosy look of a genuine solid hardwood floor. The grooves give your floor a unique and charming solid plank appearance as well as creating a sense of space.

So if you’re looking to give your room a breathtaking new lease of life, you certainly won’t be disappointed.



Super Natural Laminate:

A stunning new achievement in realism.

Our Super Natural Classic range provides a new level of realism. The matt surface, with Authentic Embossed glossy pore, faithfully reproduces the most exquisite features of premium quality timber to give your floor a natural look and feel.

Super Natural Laminate

Vintage Classic Laminate:

The authentic look of handscraped planking.

Since the traces of time are precious and beautiful, the vintage style will not only be in line with the current trend but will also give your home a special atmosphere. The Krono Original® Vintage Classic floor is the perfect basis for an exciting mix of old and new. The surface which appears to be sculpted by hand gives the floor a robust, uncomplicated elegance. Not only do old and new make for a perfect combination – but so do the “Vintage Classic“ and “Vintage Narrow“ floors, which can be laid in mixed widths together; allowing you to create a truly individual space.

Vintage Classic Laminate